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How Does One Journey With One
Will wonders never cease? Will I be constantly goggle-eyed at each new person that crosses my path? I begin to think that both answers will be yes.

As the city mourned the death of their man-god, we made preparations to head south, to find the next crystal and restore the flow of the river to the people of El-Alahd. The ceremony was not destined to go peacefully, however. A dragon whelp appeared, sending the peasantry into chaos. We dispatched the beast easily enough, but not before it had littered the square with corpses.

This, however, was mere prelude to the day's real shocker. Dolartu was speaking with Telariel when I returned to the room. For some unimaginable reason, she thought I was making a nuisance of myself, and left; Telariel chose to stay. She seemed most curious about what we were doing in El-Alahd, and about our quest; it drove me well past the point of suspicion. But then, she dropped a veritable fireball on my head: she revealed that she is, in fact, Her Majesty, the Queen Aesia, or rather the rebirth of her spirit. Further, she claimed to want to travel with us. How? How can I do this? Simply travel along into certain danger with Aesia reborn at our side as though she were just another vagabond adventurer? Yet it seems I must, for I cannot refuse her, and she would have me keep her true nature secret, along with Anwar (who happened to be listening from...whatever shadows there were).

I shall simply have to ensure that no harm befalls her while she is in our company....

Associated Regions: El-Alahd, Curmeah
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz