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Master ranger, hitory maker, and force of good
Horus was one of the most skilled of the rangers in the world, aiding many a traveler in their time of need. A quiet man of fierce dedication, he has dedicated himself to the cause of the greater good to atone for a terrific crime commited in his youth in the service of the Garanlyon under the command of Lanathar. The recent history of the world has been shaped by his steadfastness, honor, and skill in service of the living world.

In 2945 AA together with the druidess Elana Firemantle and Lord Edom Skaelan he helped to destroy the black dragon Tzelgoriath, clearing the path for human settlers to found the city of Drachenhorn, gateway to the Selladorian Free Nations.

In 2980 AA they also came to the aid of the Selladorian village Calathor, rescuing the child Alawan from an Orc onslaught. Alawan would only vaguely remember this encounter from his young childhood and it would shape his choice to become a ranger, later becoming a member of the Heralds Of The Dawn.

Through his connection with Elana he traveled as a friend to the Heralds Of The Dawn, serving as their protector and a mentor to Jerick in the years before his ascension. Horus aided them in the defeat of Naresh in 2988.

Horus was chosen to guide the lost child of the Verdain Family, Alderic, into adulthood. Feeling his task fulfilled upon Alderic reclaiming the throne of Gideon and passing it to his son Gailin Torele Verdain, Horus left Sellador and returned to Tel-Tenauril.

He assisted the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear in their fight against the fallen angel Aram in 3026 AA. During this time he met Anwar and, with the world made safe once more, retired to the Edenshire to live out the remainder of his human wife's lifespan in peace.

Race: elf
Associated Regions: Gideon, Sellador, Edenshire

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen