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Kakita Yoshitsune
In Honor, Life
Honor is my life's blood. It flows through every part of my being. It is my sustenance, and my comfort.

The honor of my ancestors rests now solely with me. I am the only one left in my house to carry the blade for the Crane Clan and the Kakita Family. My mother, Kumiko, it is said, died in childbirth, having me. It is rumored, amongst the Kakita, that she was the best diplomat, the most skilled courtier of her generation. It was considered something of a bad omen that she died having me, after my brother was born healthy, but thankfully no shadow was cast over me for it.

My elder brother, Yoritomo, died some twenty years past. He had just finished his training in the Kakita dojo and had been charged as yojimbo for the delegate to the previous council. While he managed to get the delegate to safety, he and the rest of the entourage died at the hands of marauders. Some have said that assassins were used, but it's not generally believed; there was no motive, no second attempt on the delegate's life, and it looked too sloppy.

And then, my father. He was never the best swordsman, but he was a brilliant strategist. It was his strategies that won the Crane several of their most important recent battles. He lost his leg in a skirmish, however, and can no longer fight. He would died the honorable way, through seppuku, but our lord forbade him, saying his counsel was too valuable to allow him the luxury of suicide. Now, he advises our lord, his second cousin. To him, his continued existence, though at the behest of his liege, is to him a dishonor. He looks to me to correct that. In me is the last hope of the family to restore its heretofore impeccable honor and the swordmanship for which we have been known. All this rests on my shoulders, and I will carry it, as best I may.

If it pleases them, the gods will watch over me, and see that I honor my father, mother, and ancestors through each and every action.

Alignment: LG
Race: Elf, Anoril (Sun)
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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz