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An elven Wu-Jen with almost obsesive interest in weapons
It's haunting me, I think. Every night it's there in my dreams. I can see it out of the corner of my eye, it's blade aglow with a blue-white light. I can feel the rightness of it. This is what has been calling me since childhood. This is my perfect weapon,(Material Catagory). I am still convinced that I will find a spell that will outdo even a sword.
I know it's not real though. I only found the artifact a week ago. A hilt to a Western style two-handed sword. Black handle, with a missing pommel stone. It looks ancient. But that's in reality. In my dreams it is whole, real, powerful. I knew it was what I had been searching for since I had become a Weapon Wu-Jen. But, argh, the mystery. The unknowing.
He always said a mystery isn't solved by waiting for the answer at home. I will have to find more information out there. I have studied theory for years, but this is real. This is what I saw. Now to find what it means.

Race: undefined
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Contributor: Erica Marks