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Evendur Greycastle
Mysterious wanderer seeking truth of self
Evendur Greycastle is a wanderer, yearning to experience to world around him. Secretive yet friendly, Evendur is the first to jump into battle against the forces of darkness.

In 3025 AA Evendur was briefly under the domination of Zurath the Eternal, a powerful Elan telepath. He used Evendur as a puppet in a scheme to pit the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear against the Gideon Mercenary Corp which both groups were travelling through the ruins of Atma. Though the two groups failed to destroy eachother, the experience nevertheless gave Zurath insight into the respective powers of each group.

Shortly after this experience Evendur was freed of his domination by Primus the Runemaker and currently resides in the Inverted Tower.

Alignment: NG
Race: Elan
Associated Regions: Gideon
Evendur Greycastle is a member of the The Elan

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen