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The Grove Of The Dancing Warriors
Just before one reaches the Border Mountians, headed from Gideon to the Selladorian Free Nations, one must pass through the foothills of the mountians. These foothills are sparsly covered with trees, large rocks, and populated by Giants, Owlbears, and sometimes, Gnolls.
Not too far off the road that leads through one of the only usable passes there is a small grove, a clearing in the middle of the widely spaced trees. In this grove, a group of warriors bearing the armor and weapons of Selladorian infantry men, dance in a circle, holding hands, and laughing. Their faces are set in never changing looks of stupified happiness, and their armor clinks merrily along with their dance.
Aproching the group does nothing to change their endless mirth, and attempting to interact with them will reveal what they truely are; a Permenet Image spell, cast and left as a joke by the Pixy Sorcorer, Finn.

Associated regions include Gideon, Selladorian Free Nations, Border Mountians
The Grove Of The Dancing Warriors is located in Gideon

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald