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Revenge...or madness?
I think everyone but me must have gone mad. Arilyn has always been a trifle...off, when it comes to that sword, FrostFang, but it would seem that the madness is spreading. Jacques, of all people, has begun speaking to it. I thought he had more sense than that. Doesn't he remember, in Magmar's cave? I'm sure I told him that it tried to assert itself over me when I picked it up. Yet now that it has a body, he insists on talking to it like it were another member of our group.

And Dolartu! Dolartu, who ran screaming when Arilyn stuck that accursed thing into the golem's chest. Even he is talking to it, now! The only person (besides me) who doesn't seem to be saying much to it is Anwar, and she has been holding her counsel close for some time now.

I wish I had some way to contrive to leave that metal body behind when we face Mortedamos. The thing may be of help, I cannot deny that, but the thing...unnerves me. FrostFang...I cannot say why I think so, but there is something wrong with that sword. I'd venture to say, something evil.

Associated Regions: Curmeah
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz