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Psionic Metamagic [Psionic, Metamagic]
Enhance spells using psionic energy
Prerequisites: Any metamagic feat, ability to cast prepared spells
Description: A character with this feat can expend psionic power points to use a metamagic feat when casting a spell rather than memorizing the spell using a highter spell slot. For every spell level that a spell would be increased by while using a metamagic feat the caster can instead expend 3 power points. For example, a spell caster could use the empower spell feat on a fireball spell for 6 power points without having to prepare the fireball using a 5th level spell slot. Power points used in this way are expended during the actual casting of the spell, not while the spell is being memorized.

Using this feat expends your psionic focus.

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen