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Victory And Mourning
A terrible triumph with a terrible price

Jacques is dead. We have accomplished what we set out into the desert to do: the river is restored, the undead city destroyed, Baerin's people free and Mortedamos dead. We should be celebrating , instead we mourn for this victory cost us a dear price. Too dear, to be honest.
I did not see what happened in the Well of Souls for the most part. Indeed I thought the chamber was the Well of Souls. The fürin-geld had chained people to the ceiling, I say them writhing against their chains up there. I was certain the evil creature was feeding on them somehow. So when Jaques went to attack Mortedamos I shot some of them thinking to dwindle the power of the fürin-geld. I was wrong.
Dolartu appeared to have slain Mortedamos with some fire spell, but it was another damned illusion. There have been so many of them down here, why should I be surprised at some more. When Dolartu disappeared through the far wall after the fürin-geld's laughter....I hate illusions.
Arilyn managed to defeat the illusion but then ran screaming in terror to hide in a corner behind me. Whatever was behind that wall, must have been truly terrible, as I was reduced to the same state of fear from just approaching it. For this, I feel like I cannot forgive myself. I left my companions to battle a horror against nature without me. I am truly ashamed. Even after the fight had ended and we sought a way out, I could not shake my mortification.
Between my fatigue and my guilt, the rest seems to have happened in a blur. I had not seen Jacques die so the shock of his absence was compound. I can barely recall the journey to the slave section, nor the reunion of Arilyn and her golem. I slept a little on my feet, wanting to gather my wits. I had failed in battle, I would not fail to restore the river.
But now the river is restored and the city to the north can live again. Jacques is buried somewhere beneath this river. He was a desert person, water is right for this, just as we Argussunur use fire to send off our dead. I think it a fitting memorial that even with his death, he gave life to innocents.

*fürin-geld is a word used to describe a magic user who uses and gains the power he or she uses by violating nature implying that the user has given up his or her humanity for magic

Associated Regions: Curmea
From the journal of Anwar Fin Jorag

Contributor: Erica Marks