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Where The Chain Snapped
I just can never seem to hang on to my men. I must be doing something wrong, because they just keep leaving. Doesn't matter if it was their choice or not. Do I push them away?

After we left Aljidan, we started following the considerably wider river. It was actually kinda peaceful. There started to be more trees and vegitation. Telariel was in her element. We're all going along all happy. Then weird things started happening.

Since we left that zombie city, FrostFang has been able to talk to everybody if he chooses. We can still talk to each other in our heads if we want though. But he's changed. When I'd start joking with him at everyone else's expense, one of our favorite pasttimes, more and more often he would cut me off and tell me that's not nice. Not nice? NOT NICE?!? I can't believe this is coming from his lips! Not nice. Then, he'd start in with a lecture about how its important to maintain and strengthen good in these dark times. Since when did he forget about having fun? Pushing people's buttons. Getting them good and mad at you. Y'know, FUN! He was starting to sound like one of those stick-in-the-mud paladins. How was I supposed to know he really WAS one of those sick-in-the-mud paladin! But I'm getting to that.

After travelling for a couple of weeks, we come across a campsight. We start settling down and Anwar's new friend, a bumbling pup she calls Puppybutt, goes sniffing around into some tall grass. I gotta stop here for a minute. Puppybutt? I think Anwar must be planning on raising him up to be an attack dog or something. Why else would you ever name a pet Puppybutt? To make him mean. You think the other animals aren't going to make fun of him for that name? That poor, poor dog. Anyway, Anwar gets suspicious and goes to investigate. She doesn't find anything either. Later we move on.

We continue travelling and eventually come up to a high cliff wall. It was there the dragons found us. A humongous gold and two large blue dragons. Bugger. FrostFang heads for the side of the river and I'm quickly following him. Out of nowhere these weird looking creatures pop up. They go for the blues. Starting to kick the crap out of them. Then the gold goes for everyone else. So FrostFang goes back and he's pissed he can't get the attention off of Dolartu. Dolartu decides to have a conversation with the thing. Could be his sire or ancestor after all. Finds out that he's talking to another demon. I can't even imagine how many people Mortedamos had to feed to that well to pull this guy out.

So finally FrostFang rips a big rock out of the ground and hurls it at the big gold. That got its attention. Its eyes widen and realizes what its dealing with. I climbed a tree after turning invisible. The gold had released this breath weapon, but it wasn't fire or ice. It was this gust that just made you weak. People start dropping and getting washed away from the river. The odd thing was that the river had somehow changed directions. FrostFang calls for me to help. I really couldn't see what I could do. But I'm not going to leave him hanging. How to get there fast? Cut a vine and swing! YAAA-WHHHOOO - UCK! SPLASH!!! Somehow that bastard dragon knew I was coming and swept out with an attack and practically knocked me silly. But being the trooper I am I got to my feet and attempted to help. Then FrostFang comes over to me and picks me up in his fist. He rips the amulet that lets me be invisible from my neck and throws me thirty, fourty feet. I thought I would sink like a stone, but the river bobbed me up to the surface. The last thing I remember was this cloked guy blasting FrostFang with fire and FrostFang getting ready to attack before I was overcome by the worst hangover I've ever had in my life.

I don't know how much later it was when I woke up. That strange guy was there and he had gone back to check out the fight area. He found a rusty mangled hand. Frostfang's hand. Oh god! Though I was still a little blury from the after affects of the headache and the river ride, I felt lighter than I ever had in the previous weeks. I lift my hand and feel the welt left on the back of my neck where the chain snapped; he had asked me several times in the past couple weeks to take it off. I had only one thought: I'm going back for him.

Then Islan breaks out with what he knows about FrostFang or Tendaris I should say. Many years ago there was this Elven paladin. He had a wife and a family. One day a dragon came and slaughtered his family. He set out in grief and vengance. He sought to kill every dragon he crossed. Eventually, he learned of Kalidrax. That ghost dragon was the one to put him in the sword.

The new guy seems to think we should press on, as if he has any say on what's going to happen. He does seem pretty powerful. Though, as long as you can get in around his creatures, I'm sure he's just as squishy as the rest of us. I would have left immediately, but the guys are going to support me in this. We're going to be leaving soon. I just hope we can make it in time.

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin