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Primus The Runemaker
An intelligent construct who seeks to know.
Constructed by Mallant the Shaper a few years before his death, Primus originally fulfilled the role of guardian and assistant. Over the great many years since that time something had changed within him. The exact date that Primus gained sentience is unclear but the fact remains that Primus is now perhaps the single most knowledgeable being in all of Geas, his existence devoted to the collection and recording of knowledge. This was the last command given to Primus by its creator and is still its primary function.

Primus is matched in its great and ancient intellent only by its construction. Its body, based on advanced designs for the Atman Golem, is composed of pure adamantine.

Primus is kept company only by Atoz, a rogue Elan who has chosen to index its writings by subject rather than chonologically as they are written.

Race: Golem
Associated Regions: Atma

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen