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Betrayer of her people and demonic desciple.
In 2925 AA Kerrigan, a member of the Orishadi, betrayed her people to demons in exchange for personal power. The Orishadi were ultimately able to drive the demons away but were still defeated, their society and grand ambitions crushed by the betrayal of one of their own.

Kerrigan was sealed away in hell with the invading demonic forces for 100 years. During this time, through skill and cunning, her power and influence grew.

Seeking to reclaim the lost power of the Orishadi at Tachtekmet she devised a plan that would corrupt an ancient sacrifical altar and allow her to roam the material realm once again. Her initial demonic invasion force drew the attention of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear who, along with the ranger William Wayfair, put an end to her plans and stopped her return.

Alignment: CE
Race: Marilith
Kerrigan is a member of the Orishadi

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen