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Thomas Of Oberon
Holy knight of the court of Oberon
When very young Thomas was stolen away by the dark unseelie fey and taken to the Kingdoms Of Faerie. It was here that he was rescued by members of the kindly seelie court. Titania became enchanted with the child, but Oberon, knowing his wifes capriciousness, managed to convince her to return the child to its own kind where it could be raised properly, rather than amongst the intruiges of faerie.Yet, Titania is not so easy swayed. As Thomas grew, he time and time again encountered fey creatures who watched over him and protected him. Eventually, given in to pressure by Titania, Oberon approached Thomas and offered to make him a great Knight, a warrior of Oberon. Thomas, always awed by the magic and mystery that so encircled his youth, accepted readily.Thomas is a paladin true and true, though a bit spoiled.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen