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Battlefield Of Roerihm
Battlefield of sorrow and triumph

The Great Battle of Roerihm was fought here in 3025 AA, just on the Selladorian side of the Pass Of The Roerihm. An alliance of humans from Sellador and Gideon and dwarves from Citadel stood against the vastly superior Black Hand Orc army and won the day at a terrible cost. Many were killed, but the orcs were driven back and scattered.

The plains the battle took place on are torn and blasted now. Humans and orcs alike used powerful magics durring the battle, and several hostile magical effects still linger in the area. Though the priests of Aesia have blessed the land repeatedly the dead still rise and walk here, craving living flesh.

The Battlefield is almost two miles wide and a half mile long, running from the base of the Border Mountians outward to the north.

Battlefield Of Roerihm is located in Border Mountains

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald