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Lizardfolk Shaman of the Talon Tribe of Curmeah.
Kossoth is the shaman of the Talon Tribe, the largest of the Lizardfolk and demihuman tribes in the jungles of south central Curmeah. Kossoth is a believer in the teachings of the Orishadi and holds the virtue of wisdom, as taught by Elemeira, to be most sacred. Still, Kossoth understands that all aspects of Oulduma must be respected and followed.

In 3024 AA visions of the suffering of the Orishadi were revealed to Kossoth. seeing to enlist his tribe's aid he saught the support of Sseth, the tribes chieftan. An argument broke out between the two and Kossoth was exiled from the tribe.

Later in 3025 AA, after a brief encounter with the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear and the Orishadi Oulduma, Sseth called Kossoth back into the tribe. he had, for once, seen the error of his ways.

Kossoth has aluded to previous encounters with the human ranger William Wayfair of New Sellador Port. He holds no ill will towards the human and in fact enjoys hearing news of the world outside of the jungles.

Race: Lizardfolk
Associated Regions: Curmeah
Kossoth is a member of the Talon Tribe

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen