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Chris Kordella
I'm Chris Kordella and I live in Kalamazoo, MI. I have been part of the Geas world since before Shawn moved to Detroit. I love the world he has created and I am glad to help contribute to it.

In personal news: I'm getting married December 3, 2005 to my wonderful fiance Liz. She's not a gamer, but we won't hold that against her. Much.

I am currently playing Rothgar, the half-orc Paladin of Aesia, in Jacob McDonalds Selladorian Free Nations Campaign.
Articles by Chris Kordella
Hand Of Truendore
A Balance Tipped, A Dhark Encounter, A History Long Gone But Never Forgotten., A Shift In Objectives, An Ounce of Prevention..., And Red All Over Pt. 2, And Red All Over Pt. 1, Associates..., Bridge Over Troubled Waters, Changing Of The Guard, Discovery Of The Belt, Dream Of The Fog, Fire Beast, Fish in a Barrel, Home Again, Journey, Laid To Rest, Long Walk Off A Short Bridge, Meeting Again For The First Time, Misspoken Words, Of Blood And Terror, Orc Cave, Quest of Tuallen, Stairway to Gustvan, Summer Solstice Festival, Tavern, The Abandoned Cavern, The Haunted Docks, Twilight Of Post Spiders (Part 1), Twilight of Post Spiders (Part 2)
Addicks, Logos, Raen Stiele, Raza Al-Emam, Rothgar, Sir Roven Of Truendore
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