Geas Contributor:
Jacob McDonald
DM for the Kalamazoo branch of the Geas world, Jy-keb is the Demon Prince of Geas, second in his unholy torment of players only to his cousin, Shawn.
When not vacationing in Geas, Jake has been known to partake of anime, video games, and the eating of beef.
Articles by Jacob McDonald
Balance Of Morals
IV. War In Sellador, VI. The Peasant Heroes, VII. The Greedy Bastards, VII. The Path Of Evil, XI. The Forging Of The Free Nations, XIV. Between Dark And Dawn, XV. Treasures Of The Ancient World
Precision Strike Master, Priest Of The Ourgos
Cyaegha The Unbidden, Illithid, Kaorti, Shadar-Kai
Attolian, Basaric, Chraechnys, Eloéle, Guédé, Ildenrath, Llysilmat, Quaydeshlyn, Saint Arron of the Silver Palm, Saint Bertram, Slaleress, Xeksses, Yeenoghu
Dual Spell Weaving [Metamagic, Wizard Only]
Gideon Mercenary Corp, Guild Of Night, Selladorian Revolutionary Front, The Company of the Phoenix, The Greedy Bastards, The Red Legion, The Scarlet Hand, The Silent Blade
Aeric's Wrath, Blood Razer, Bloodspike Demonfriend, Chalice Of Saint Bertram, Compelling Orb, Darkglow, Scepter of Kings
A Promise, A Year Apart, Arrival In Allstone, At The Salty Dog Tavern, At What Cost Victory, Bad News/ Good News, Dreams Really CAN Hurt..., End Of A Quest, Faith, Family, Heavy, Home At Last, In My Head, Into The Cave, Light that guids my steps, My Head Hurts, The End Of The Begining, The Last War, They Always Get Away!, Visions
Albrecht Iscoriet, Alden Darksbane, Cailynn Iscoriet, Carel Sorrowsinger, Carel Soulsinger, Conrad, Craven Truthbender, Danyelle Verdain, Diabolik, Dirk Krieger, Edric Lanceguard, Emmon Dane, Fothfer Starwatcher, Granathrin Blazewing, Hendreick Lancaster, Jasmin, Karl Bissel, Kerick, Khalil The Seer, Krass Gustvan, Krezix, Lady Deathgiver, Larzeks, Leng, Lenora Pyrotor, Leon Deeproot, Mavric The Mad, Niall, Odmot Hobblefoot, Renea Enenway, Rougon of Clan Hammerfist, Sarana Dalmont, Sheriel , Sluagh, Terrance, Victor Elbricht, Vincent Dhark, Zecks
3500 AA Geas, Allstone, Arcious, Armiona, Battlefield Of Roerihm, Berhagen, Bloodskull Barony, Borderwode, Broken Peaks, Crow Fells, Crystal Lake, Deeproot Druidic Grove, Direwode, Drachenhorn, Dust Fens, Everest, Fairy Lake, Grove of the Final Defense, Heprecon, Ice River, Innishiere, Kaldir Crown Mountains, Khrunos-Dur, Khurin-Azur, Kiergard, Korenesti, Legacy Of Vincent Dhark, Lessten Manor, Loch Lessten, Madam Pachels Preeminent Parlor, Maral River, Massenmarch, Master Sigurt Arcana Ldt., Odeth, Rheulgrad, Shotkara Lessteni, Spereton, Sunken Lands, Taelshore, The Dragon Head Tavern, The Grove of the Dancing Warriors, The Hells, The Infernal Realm of Cerciria, The Palace Of Woe, The Temple Of Saint Bertram, Three Peaks, Thrul Selip, Timeless Durance, Tuallen, Tuornen Valley, Wilhime Nashs Pub, Winding Wood, Wooly Swamp, Xxyltln
Aaron Silverpalm, Calahir, Jaxom, Sir Aeric of Dhoesone
Greater Haste
Total Articles: 161