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Chris Schuettpelz
Player of ridiculous characters, rules lawyer (or rules clerk, depending on your point of view), and sometime would-be Game Master. I keep my dice in a book.
Articles by Chris Schuettpelz
IX. The Fall Of Atma
Enmis, Faran, Kalix, Kordax, Lerl, Mitre, Shenla, Throrn, Thurn, Wexis
Atman Defense League, Atman Pantheon
Eternity Glass, Heart Of Threnody, Saint Evan's Ward, Sun Blade of Saint Evan of Westrun, The Grimoire of Anandis, Heart of Fire, The Lessons of Vellath, the Shadows Will, Tome of Rawling of Lockewood
A Journey of a Thousand Ri...., Aberration, Abode, Acrimony, Adumbration, Alliance, Anamnesis, Antipode, Ataxia, Bestirring, Castaways, Circuit, Closure, Condemnation, Crossfire, Crusade, Damnation, Descent, Direction, Distillate, Divergence, Divinity?, Dragonslayer, Endgame, Eulogy, Execution, Exothermic, Extremes, Faces, Falsities, Family, Fights Are Frightening!, Flotsam, Fracturing Fear, Genesis, Gravid, Guerdon, Heat, Homecoming, How the Dark Responds, Indomitable, Instability, Islan, Lions' Den, Lost in the Void, Lunacy, Malediction, Monody, Mortification, Nebulose, No More Please, Peripety, Progeny, Prolapse, Pushing Back the Night, Putrefaction, Questions Of Morality, Records, Redaction, Redemption, Redux, Reunions, Revelations, Ritual, Skulkers In Valkith, Skulkers in Valkith, Part 2, Somnolence, Talking To A Dead Man (01), To Were There Is Hallowed Ground, Transcendence, Transcript, Madroc And Modroc, Conversation #1, Undead Tired, Under The Abbey, Vitriol, Vituperation, What the Light Says, When Fear Is Fled
Davin Rorthane, Dunthin Grandhorn II, Jarvis, Merrick, Murdoch, Ostis, Panis Graystone, Pedrall, Willera
Karzhak, Murgoods Magical Mysteries, Enchantments, & Sundry, Tenithiel
Islan Diemyn, Kakita Yoshitsune, Mason Trewether, Nibar The Nervous
Gnoll, Kobold, Orc
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