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Aahrin El-Alim
Exalted Intelligencer of Kho-Ensekh
"...they wouldn't tell me, they never tell me...so I looked it up. 'Aasimar..."planetouched"; that is, they are mortal creatures that have in their blood some otherworldly characteristics. Aasimar are descended from devas, angels and other creatures of pure good...they are often viewed with contempt or fear by creatures of evil.' I have my answer, and my path...but so many other questions remain unanswered."
- From the journals of Aahrin El-Alim

Aahrin El-Alim (a name he chose for himself, meaning 'messenger of the learned') is young Aasimar male, 5'8" in height. Boyishly handsome, with idealized, somewhat feline features, light blue eyes and long blue-black hair. His skin takes on a metallic bronze tone in sunlight and his canines come to a slight point.

While Aahrin has researched his racial heritage extensively, the details of his specific parentage are a mystery to him (a source of great frustration for a cleric of the secret-keeper), and he has never encountered another Aasimar in person.

Raised from infancy & trained by the priests of Kho-Ensekh (the Alahdian God of Secrets, Rituals, Magic & Power) Aahrin has become one of his God's most faithful servants, and possesses a stronger link to his god than most clerics his age. Respected & well-liked by most of his fellow priests, he considers them his family. He believes that knowledge & power are one, and must be kept from those who would misuse it. Like the diety he worships, Aahrin fights to see the greater good served, in the open when possible, from the shadows when necessary.

Despite his somewhat sheltered childhood, Aahrin is personable and outgoing, possessing the easy confidence and charm often attributed to members of his race. He feels very comfortable in the presence of those who serve the cause of good, and tries to sway those who have not committed themselves to one side or the other...however, he gives no quarter to those who serve evil.

Aahrin prefers to wear simple, but well made clothing. He is usually very lightly armored and normally carries a staff.

Alignment: LG
Race: Aasimar
Place of Origin: El-Alahd, Aljahdahn

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Contributor: Matt Wing