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Murgoods Magical Mysteries, Enchantments, & Sundry
The Premiere Atman magical curio store
Murgood's Magical Mysteries, Enchantments, & Sundry (commonly known by simply Murgood's) is generally considered the most prestigious magical shop in the vast city of Atma. Catering mostly to experienced wizards who know what they need, Murgood's stocks all but the most rare of spell components, an assortment of wands & staves, potions, and a small smattering of magically enchanted weapons and armor for those of a more martial inclination who are not ignorant of magic.

Murgood, the proprietor, a tall thin fellow with iron-grey hair, is always polite no matter the customer, but he brooks no nonsense in a store filled with potentially hazardous items.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Atma
Murgoods Magical Mysteries, Enchantments, & Sundry is located in Atma

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Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz