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Watch Wardens
The forbidden lands where men fear to tread.
"They're after us. They're coming. I can hear them. Aesia, forgive me! We have disobeyed you. Your will is law and we have paid the price for our blasphemous act..."
Raza, Rebellious Human Mage of Sellador

The Watch Wardens mark the southern border of the elven kingdom of Tel-Tenauril. Havily patrolled by elven scouting parties, the Wardens have had an elven generation of magical enchantments laid though them to confound and kill unwary intruders, mainly those overly curious humans from the land of Sellador foolish enough to venture into the forbidden land.

Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Nuary Port
Watch Wardens is located in Tel-Tenauril

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen