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Cidra Graystone
Frustrated academic meets surly teenager
Cidra was born as the only child into a powerful magical family, descending from a long line of witches and wizards. After her parents were killed, the six-year-old Cidra was sent to live with her paternal grandfather, her last remaining relative.

To coax the child out of her shell, Wizard Panis Graystone undertook the education of the budding witch. He explained the history of Atma, the theories of magic, and the importance of balance. He taught her that magic was inherently neither good nor evil. Rather, it was a tool to use not unlike a hammer, or a sword.

Years passed uneventfully. Cidra showed herself as a diligent student and a precocious child. While in her teens, Wizard Graystone’s project for the Atman military became a bone of contention. The old man saw his time become more and more divided against his granddaughter, though he did little to remedy the problem. As Cidra saw it, he greatly enjoyed his research, and would speak of nothing else for days at a time, forgetting to help her progress in her studies. Even sometimes to eat. Cidra sank more into her books and lessons. She devoured books with a voracious appetite. Even books of dark magic, when she could get her hands on them. It was obvious the old wizard didn’t exactly approve of her interest. When reprimanded for this, she would be heard to say something along the lines of, “Just because I know it, doesn’t mean I’ll use it. Or, “Just because the spell came from a black book, doesn’t make it black magic.” The most upsetting comment was when she would look at him, with a smile that didn’t quite reach her eyes and say, “Do not concern yourself, Grandfather. You taught me well.”

Early in Cidra’s seventeenth summer, the Graystone household abruptly expanded when the wizard introduced a large metal, “well, man would be the most appropriate, I suppose.” Amongst saying other things, he explained the construct would be there to “help keep order in the house…His name is Protoss…Oh, and don’t tell anyone.” Cidra didn’t really care at that point. She had already made the connection that Protoss must have something to do with the military project. However, she was incensed that the construct living in her home meant even less attention from the venerable old wizard, whom she really did love and respect. She was even more horrified to discover the actual loss the next morning. The old wizard was nowhere to be found.

Still reeling from the sudden abandonment of her Grandfather, the next blow fell soon after. One dark damp night, Cidra awoke to Protoss standing over her saying nothing more than “We must leave, Lady.” Then she smelled the smoke. With barely enough time to grab her spellbook, the two escaped the inferno that was once the House of Graystone.

Now she has been on the run, trying to stay low and away from the city guard. Can’t draw attention to herself. She is slowly trying to work her way over to the academic district of the city, knowing that she can disappear more easily here. But it doesn’t make it any easier, what with trying to find Grandfather, and babysitting his big metal bot.

Race: Human
Place of Origin: Atma
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Contributor: Jess Landin