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Deepest jungles of Curmeah
Kesh is the name given to the jungles that span the central portion of Curmeah. Mountains occasionally pierce the veil of lush, verdant green that seemed to span along rolling hills for hundreds of miles.

As forboding as these deadly lands might seem, they are still home to coutless tribes of humans, Lizardfolk, troglodites, and dragonkin. The vie constantly to survive in a land of dinosaurs, deadly plants, and the lost remnants of ancient civilizations hidden amongst the maze of vines and ravines that make up the jungle Kesh.

The river Neph has its tributaries here and begins its long passage north through the desert and out to the sea. These rivers are the primary means of quick transportation by many of the local inhabitants.

Regions located within Kesh include Selburs Tower, Tachtekmet, Temple Of Harmony
Kesh is located in Curmeah

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen