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Khelbans Coil
Towering vertical cavern of Citadel and center for portal driven trade.

Khelbans Coil is an impressive cavern; a vertical structure stretching some forty or fifty stories tall and roughly one hundred feet wide. Around the wall of the cavern spirals a huge walkway like an inverted screw, and from this passage, known as the gallery, travellers can find a wide assortment of shops and businesses. For those unwilling to walk the long winding way a ride on a dwarven built elevator, usually reserved for large cargo, can be purchased for a reasonable fee.

This cave has long acted as a hub for dwarven trade portals into other lands and as such one can usually find the most diverse population in this cave, though many of them are merely passing through. Travellers come from all over Geas to trade their wares or as a stop along the way to other lands.

Inns, taverns, and speciality shops seek to cater to select clientelle, offering the comforts of home for any being not used to dwarven caves. Noted of these is the Whispering Breeze, an inn and travel house that specializes in catering to elf clientele, complete with minor magics and real living trees that give the illusion of being out of doors, even changing from day to night as the hours passes on.

At the bottom of the cavern sits a flat horizontal plane of stone known locally as the stage. Originally built for entertainers, the stage is nonetheless free during the day to anyone who wishes to stand upon it and speak the mind to the gathered masses. Potential orators should take note, however, as the stage makes an easy target from anywhere along the vast towering spiral walkway of Kelbans Coil; The stains of old fruit that mark the stage are testament to that fact.

Inhabitants: Dwarf
Khelbans Coil is located in Citadel

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen