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An ancient dwarven fortress hewn from the earth.
Citadel is a dwarven city-state deep in the mountains north of the Shattered Kingdoms. Both the name of the mountain itself and the name of the city contained therein, it is the heart of dwarven presence on Geas. Citadel mountain is the larged in its chain, easily dominating the landscape for many miles around and providing a landmark for travellers in the region. At night travellers to the west of Citadel can see the lights of Tomholme like a beacon against the dark shadow of the great mountain.

The size of several cities unto itself, Citadel is a complex in three dimensions that houses an immense number of dwarves. It is thought by many to be the most populous and largest city in all the world. Its great halls and vast caverns are decorated with centuries old dwarven artwork and ring with the sounds of activity.

The mountain itself is divided into several smaller municipalities called Boroughs. A Common misspelling of borough, burrow, is sometimes used; mostly by outsiders who are somewhat confused by the subterranean nature of the dwarven capital. The largest of the boroughs are Ahmon-Dur, Anah-Dahg, Bhur-Adel, Dannag-Mor, and Sunderstone. Khelbans Coil, though not nearly as large as the other boroughs, is also generally named as of equal importance due to its unique role as a center of trade between the other races of Geas.

The dwarves who live in Citadel trade worked metal goods with the humans in exchange for food and textiles. They trade their goods far and wide by means of a system of portals created by their own master magical craftsmen.

It is thought that long ago Ghea the earth lord laid his shield down upon his chosen people, the dwarves, to protect them from a great cataclysm. His shield Alkahzr, which was as a mountain, became the great towering peaks of Citadel.

The barbarian tribes living in the lands to the south of Citadel refer the the dwarves as the "earth-men", or the "Children of Gea".

Recommended Prestige Classes
Arcane Devotee
Dwarven Defender
King / Queen of the Wild (Underground)
King / Queen of the Wild (Mountain)
Mage of the Arcane Order
Master Alchemist
Purple Dragon Knight
War Wizard of Citadel (War Wizard of Cormyr)

Inhabitants: dwarves
Regions located within Citadel include Ahmon-Dur, Anah-Dahg, Bhur-Adel, Dannag-Mor, Khelbans Coil, Kuzgun Cave, Topholme, Uldras
Citadel is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen