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Just Let Me Do My Duty!
Inside the mind of Eoin
Why can't they listen! I could have saved Rorrin's life, but instead they just stood there bickering. They came to the warehouse to break the machines then when they stood before them, they faltered, they choose mercy for the wrong beings and paid the price. That is the last time I will take their advice. Typical half heartendess. Once your hand is to the plow there is no looking back. By Aesia, the next time there is killing to be done, I will not be so kind to listen to their requests.

Mercy and Rage, my constant companions. I will use them both to the benifit of the Godess. Mercy to the weak, Rage for the evil doers, let it be done, Aesia, if you are real grant me this one prayer.

From the journal of Eoin Fitzpatrick

Contributor: Scott Brown