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The godess of life and renewal.
Aesia was once the queen of the elven people of Tel-Tenauril and was already worshiped as a kind and powerful woman. The heir to the throne by blood, she had taken Aradhrath as her king and together they had a son, Dalenurell. When Naresh came to destroy the world she gave her own life in a powerful magical ritual to drive the darkness away forever. In this act, she became the symbol of hope and light and was deified.

In the human lands of Sellador Aesia is worshiped zealously as the one true deity, though her human worshipers do not know that she was once an elf. Oddly enough it is the church of Aesia which sees all non-humans, especially elves, as tainted, soulless, and evil.

Her holy symbol is a golden star burst, and her favored weapon is the heavy mace.

Races who worship Aesia are Elf, Human
Aesia is worshipped in Sellador, Tel-Tenauril
Aesia is the god of Hope, Renewal, Life, Light
Clerical Domains: Protection, Good, Healing, Sun, Community
Aesia is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Elven Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen