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Bleak Origins, Dark Endings
The last journal of Wilhelm Magnan

(The following note is a page fragment found at a long abandoned camp site in an ancient cave of the Kaldir Crown Mountains. The fate of its author, Wilhelm Magnan, is unknown.)

despite some immediate similarities, I believe that, farther back, I have found paintings that are unique to this cave, leading me to believe that the painting here are older than the ones I discovered in the Border Mountains. Several depict nightmarish beings with demonic features and, beneath them, figures bent and in anguish. Could these be “Bleak Ones”, the “Dark Weavers” the elven texts spoke of? If so then I have finally found evidence beyond the suppositions in the Histories written by the monks of Ardenath.

Nearer the entrance are the more recent painting I wrote of earlier. Between this cave – which has yet to be named in any chart – Magnan’s cave maybe, after myself, I should think – and those in the Border Mountains I think I have a clear progression of events – events which must have taken place in ages so far past that this may be the only evidence left. Somewhere, a race of humans were taken as slaves and changed, over time and through great suffering. To what end? An army? If the agent of change – the demonic figures – is as literal as the evidence seems to indicate, I will need to confer with others – perhaps the college at Allstone? I dare not speak of this to the church. Even in these days of the New Dawn there are still inquisitors about, hiding behind a smile instead of a whip. I found my first leads in the elven tomes, perha

I write now in haste – something is here with me, a blackness between me and the way out. It fears fire, and so I have been feeding my meager camp as best I can. Torches are gone, and this is the last page - but I will not burn it. Someone else will find this some day and this will be a warning. Leave now, before the blackness rises from the waters to claim you.

Here it comes

Associated Regions: Kaldir Crown Mountains
From the journal of Wilhelm Magnan

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen