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Border Mountains
High hills that have seen much war.
Appropriately called the border mountains, these tall peaks act as a natural border between the peoples of Sellador and the people of Gideon.

In the wars between Gideon and Sellador, the passes of the border mountains became very important strongholds. Though the see little traffic in recent times, the passes of the Borders have, at various times, been held by many different peoples.

The passes are nearly impossible to use in Winter, effectively cutting off Gideon from the rest of Sellador.

Inhabitants: human
Associated regions include Gideon, Sellador
Regions located within Border Mountains include Battlefield Of Roerihm, Duul-Roerahm, Guildurunin, Pass Of The Roerihm
Border Mountains is located in Midland

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen