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A New Job.
An interesting group forms.
Well, here I have come to rest for a spell or two on my quest. In a human city by the name of Allstone. I traveled for quite a while before coming to rest here, but this seemed as good a place as any, plus I heard of a unique opportunity here. It seems there is an Import company hereabouts called Lancaster Imports, and the head man, Mr. Lancaster himself is looking for a few people who might want to go out and find imports of a um, special variety for him. A man of no small means I am told, and well connected. And so I have come here, and taken a small room at a place called the Laughing Mermaid. A few other's here have a look to them I somewhat like, and I believe they will be working with me. I feel this job will suffice to get me even further than I could on my own, for my own quest of finding what I am missing, is paramount to my time away from Boddendell. More on those people, and our job as I know it.


Associated Regions: Allstone, Selledor
From the journal of Beanobious (Bean) Widgits

Contributor: Joey Zilka