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Lair of the Deep Ones, the Mind Flayers.
The Mind Flayers had traveled far, across great expanses of space and dimension before finally arriving on Geas in a time far removed from man or god.

They went benath the surface of the world, apart from the harsh light and radiation of the infant world above them. They founded their first and only city, Rilayeh, deep in the bowels of the planet. Far beneath the surface, they slept, dreaming of far realms and cyclopean entities beyond the imaginings of men.

Finally, in a more recent eon, the upheval of the planet caused these strange elder beings to awaken to a planet much changed from the one they had left behind. Other creatures, their minds ripe for consumption, awaited them.

Unfortunately, the Deep Ones had underestimated the resourcefulness of their prey. Yet, they had slept, dreaming, for eons untold. Surely a few hundred years more would make no difference.

The world would belong to them, eventually. It was only a matter of time.

Recommended Prestige Casses
Mind Bender

Inhabitants: mind flayer
Associated regions include Underdark
Rilayeh is located in Underdark

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen