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From the annals of the court historian Mentien Holdwayth
So it came to pass that the young Islan, traveling with his new companions in search of the relics which was their only chance to turn back the dark god Naresh, set out for Celembril, and thence to the human lands. On their way, they came upon a maiden who was being waylaid by a dragon whelp. This tale, though nearly taking the status of legend today, bears repeating here for the sake of completeness. Islan's prowess is well-known to us now, and he was instrumental, with the timely assistance of his companions, in slaying the vile green dragonling.

Upon reaching the nearby village of Aldreth, Islan and his crew rested from their exertions, and prepared themselves for their next battle, which was to be with another draconian spawn. It appears that the thing had abducted the maiden's brother, and Islan, in his reserved nobility, agreed to return her brother to her, if he yet lived.

Thus they traveled, out of their path to Celembril, to seek out and destroy the dragon. They came upon a burrow, after a day or two of travel, and promptly deducing that it was the fiend's lair, Islan led the party below. As they went into the black depths of this cavern, they were ambushed by a gang of goblins, led by a most odious Bugbear. Islan himself slew the leader and several of the goblin warriors, while his companions valiantly cleaned up the remainder.

Further into the pit they traveled, until they came into the dragon's very home. From above, it sent its foul, noisome breath at their backs, from its nest above the entranceway. Even Islan's expert reflexes were not enough to save him completely from the corrosive fumes of the beast. (It has been suggested here that one or two of Islan's companions were here able to avoid the damaging effects of the dragon's breath entirely, but the author find this to be a highly unlikely occurrence.)

The battle raged, it is recorded, for some time. Islan fought with bravery and valor unmatched in one so young. Yet the dragon was not an easy foe to best. It even managed to fell the young Islan, as he sought above all else to free the imprisoned innocent. The timely assistance of one of his brave compatriots put him back into the fray, and, by most accounts, it was Islan's blade that finally sent the evil thing back to hell from which it was spawned.

Islan's prowess and courage were cemented, and gave him new inner strength, and even more trust in his already loyal followers.

Associated Regions: Tel-Tenauril
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz