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The Haunted Docks
I took attempts to extract further information from the hysterical woman, and could get nothing more. Just then she began reaching out and shouting for someone, her husband. Turning toward the entrance (which was no more than a few feet to my left) I saw the most disgusting creature I have yet seen; a zombie. It began reaching for the woman, and made its intentions known with a gurgling, guttural roar. That is when I struck.

I drew my sickle and lashed at the beast. Black ichor pored from the gaping wound in its chest, soiling my robes and giving off a stench of the sea which heavy rain has yet to remove. The beast was quickly slain, and then the real commotion began. From down toward The Docks we heard screaming.

The Docks were shrouded in the dense evil fog in which I had dreampt. From within this shroud seemingly every sailor who had passed recently, those claimed by the unforgiving sea, seemed to arise and attack. My attempt to turn undead were effective at driving them off for a short time, but did not destroy these foul creatures. Several were slain (once more) by my fellow companions, which now included: a swift, green eyed thief, a very large man with a sword to match his build, the young man with similar visions of my own, and the knight in shiny plate armor.

A bigger surprise came when a skeleton came up upon The Docks, adorned in a suit of cage-style armor. Apparently this was a pirate king who was killed and left as a message for others. This just goes to show that disrespecting the dead can be a fatal mistake. The creatures "armor" seemed impenetrable, until the knight and the large man with sword were able to finally smash through it, destroying the foul beast.

At this point the town guard came to our aid and throughout the night they tangled with zombies from both the sea and the plague ward (which I was told were even worse than the sea faring ones I encountered).

May the souls of these poor corrupted men rest in peace.

Associated Regions: Allstone
From the journal of Raen Stiele

Contributor: Chris Kordella