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Raen Stiele
Raised in a small rural village just outside Osellot, Raen aspired to do no more than take over his fathers farm and live a normal life. One day on a hunting expedition, he was seperated from his brothers and became hopelessly lost in the woods. Darkness came and went, and for three days he stumbled through the unforgiving forest. On the third night, he had nearly given up hope of ever seeing home again, when a cloaked figure appear from within a thicket of trees. The man fed Raen, tended his wounds, and all throughout the night kept him enthralled with survival strategies, combat techniques, and most prominently, tales of the druids and their god, Jerick.

Awaking in the morning Raen found that he was once again alone. Feeling refreshed and finding his sachel and waterskin full, Raen continued through the wood. Things seemed different however; as if he was somehow being guided by an unseen force. Arriving home to a very relieved family, Raen realized his desteny had changed. He knew now that he must learn all he can about Jerick and his teachings. He set out no more than a week later to begin his journey, and to hopefully one day, repay the man who helped him in his hour of need.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Gideon
Raen Stiele is a member of the Fellowship Of The Dark Shards
View the journals of Raen Stiele.

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Contributor: Chris Kordella