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Dreams Through The Mists Of The Future

He was running through the woods, after his prey. The scent of leather, mixed with blood was almost overwhelming. Feet making no noise on the crunchy autumn leaves, he closed in ever nearer. His quarry didnít even know he was hunted, let alone hunted by Nergal Ashton.

For years, he was suppressed by the light half of himself, forced to stay quiet. Forced to look on while the bastard son of Naresh continued to serve Good. Now, he was free, and he knew that with his crimes against the parents who raised his earthly shell, they would not have any grudges. Not when they see what he had done to that "accident" of morality, Blake.

The moonlight flashed in his eyes, shining yellow. He licked his lips, and lunged for his prey. Alawan would never know what had destroyed him.


Blake sat up in bed, confused.

Had it come time already, to destroy his other half? He wasnít sure exactly what lived in his heart, but it had always been there. A subtle influence here, a gentle word there, and before he knew it, he would be the monster that he had learned to control.

He didnít want to have to leave his friends, but if it came down to an issue of life or death, he would ask them to strike him down. Perhaps Naresh was closer than any of them had thought...

From the journal of Blake Nergal Ashton

Contributor: Brandon Alexander