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Light That Guids My Steps
Aesia guides my feet through the mountians now.
This path I've set myself on... I feel it is begining to bear fruit. We've slain many evil souls, from orcs to demons, and have rescued a group of 19 children that were being held captive. We have discovered the location of the re-grouping orc and bugbear armies, and may soon have detailed information about their fortress.
My greatest accomplishment so far however, has been the capture of the warlock that was gaurding the children. He has yet to give me his name, but I've been sitting with him daily, taking time to educate him in the ways of Aesia's forgivness and love of all living things. I'm making progress, and I think he'll open up soon.
We now rest in Tuallen. Soon, we will venture back into the mountians to save the parents of the children, and to hopefully thwart the plans of the bugbear cheif Larsis. May Aesia's grace continue to guide us on this quest.

From the journal of Aaron Silverpalm

Contributor: Jacob McDonald