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Aaron Silverpalm
Holy cleric of Aesia
The first memories of Arron Silverpalm are of wandering the streets of the port city of Garrison. Orphened and alone, Arron visited the church often for food or a place to sleep, and it was there that he met Aesia. She spoke to him, in dreams and in waking moments, and told him of the love she held for all living things, and her need of a powerful mortal to work her miricals through. Arron soon developed strong feelings of right and wrong, and vowed to always do what was good, even it it meant taking the longer, harder path.
The priests were amazed and shocked when they saw an eight year old child working the holy magics of Aesia to heal and protect people. They quickly contacted the High Temple, and were given secret orders in response: no one was to know that a mere child was using priestly magics without being ordained as an official Cleric. Arron was packed off to Grimaud the next day.
At the High Temple, Arron was trained in the ways of Aesia, taught all things a Cleric needed to know, and he was educated in worldly matters. His instructors were all astounded by the depth of knowlage the young child displyed, and were even more shocked when he told them that Aesia herself had taught him all he knew. His kindness and holiness were unmatched, even by the standards of some of the higher ranking priests.
Even as he was instructed in the traditions of the Selladorian Church, Arron held true to his beliefes, that all creatures, human, elf or otherwise, were the same. They were people, not races.
On his tenth birthday, Arron started to refuse material gain. He gave more and more away, until he had firmly sequestered himself in volintary poverty. From there, he grew into a man, 19 years of age. The name Silverpalm was given to him on the battlefield, a tribute to the color his healing magics took when he used them.
The Great Battle of Roerihm has passed, and Arron sees that many things need to be done... a chuch to rebuild, a nation to bring back to it's former glory, and evil to be vanquished. His path is set, and Aesia will guide his steps.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
Place of Origin: Sellador, Gideon
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Contributor: Jacob McDonald