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Wooly Swamp
"If ya' ev'r go down ta' th' Wooly Swamp, well, ya' beter not go at night..."
Bordering Dhoesone and the Taelshore on it's Eastern side, and the Three Peaks on it's Western border, the Wooly Swamp is the largest marshland in the Free Nations. Created through the yearly overflow of the Maral River as the warm Southern waters flow in, the swamp is comprised almost entierly of salt water, making it a rather deadly place to get lost.
Various monsters, both living and dead, make their home in the swamp here. Numerous vampire lords have been known to erect keeps in the muddy land, and at least one tribe of strange fish people exist closer to the coast, where they worship their dark god on moonless nights.
The city of Riverport sits at the mouth of the Maral River, strangly left alone by the monsters. Using a system of suprisingly advanced levies, it acts as the passage into the Free Nations for less savory ships, and is largely considered to be nothing more than a pirate town.

Wooly Swamp is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald