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Dhoesone is a small area of the The Selladorian Free Nations comprised of three towns. Farm land lies between the towns, witch are little more then small clusters of buildings rising out of the endless seas of grain. The West and the South of the area are blocked off by the Wooly Swamp, and the North is hedged in by the Winding Wood. Since the Wood is home to gnolls, and the swamp is home to things more sinister, it goes without saying that the people of Dhoesone are a harty lot.
In 2991 a gnoll raiding party sacked and burned the town of East Point, killing almost all of its inhabitants. It wasn't until fifteen years later that the town was rebuilt, and is now once again a thriving community.
Sitting at the intersection of the Winding Wood and the Wooly Swamp is the town of Borderhold, which runs a brisk trade with the merchants coming from the areas furthest West in the Free Nations. The only traversable road runs over the Maral River, which is crossable only at the Maral Bridge. The road then runs directly to Borderhold, where resuplying is almost a nesessity.
The final city of Dhoesone is Fartherwall, which is a fortified town protected by it's own rough and tumble mercenary unit. The mayor of the city and the funder of the unit is a man named Eldren, who is the uncle and only remaining family of the East Points most renowned citizen, Sir Aeric.

Alignment: CG
Regions located within Dhoesone include Borderhold, East Point
Dhoesone is located in Selladorian Free Nations

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen