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Selladorian Free Nations
A chaotic collection of city-states, communities, and small nations.

The Selladorian Free States are a chaotic collection of city-states, villages, and small nations located in the lands east of Gideon far from the civilized influence of central Sellador. Refereed to as "the uncivilized east" or "the untamed wilds" by citizens of Gideon and Sellador, these lands are held by those with the power to do so.

In recent years, the Free Nations have settled into a far more civilized area, mostly due to the influence of The Red Legion and the influx of trade from the nations further South, past the Kharse. The regions of the land have become defined, and each area is protected by informal militias made up of the locals. While the Legion still stands as the only formal military in the Free Nations, others are beginning to have ideas of organization, and the formalizing of the area into a single, united entity isn't so much a dream anymore, as it is a very real possibility.

Monsters still live in many areas of the Nations, and fighting them off is still a way of life, but with the advent of The Red Legion, more peace is had than violence.

The provinces of the Free Nations include; Lessten, Berhagen, Innishiere, The Taelshore, Dhoesone, Tuornen Valley, Massenmarch, The Three Peaks, The Dust Fens, and The Bloodskull Barony, which is the only area controlled entirely by orcs and goblin-kin.

Over the years, the land of the Free Nations has been cultivated into far more fertile ground, making way for many farms to spring up, as well as giving the roving Gypsy clans more area to roam. While most of the land is still sweeping, untamed fields, and the major swamps and forests still stand, the Free Nations have become far more hospitable as of late.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Selladorian Free Nations include Berhagen, Bloodskull Barony, Borderwode, Dhoesone, Innishiere, Kaldir Crown Mountains, Lessten, Maral River, Massenmarch, Taelshore, Three Peaks, Tower Of Dismandus, Tuornen Valley, Winding Wood, Wooly Swamp
Selladorian Free Nations is located in Sellador

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen