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A center of trade between the surface lands and the city of Citadel.

Located on the lower western slopes of Citadel, Topholme (literally, "Top Hill") is a small yet bustling hub of trade and activity. Here, trade between the surface dwelling races, such as gnomes, and the dwarves who live beneath the mountain is thriving and strong. The dwarves trade their worked metal, magic, and crafts for agrarian goods. The city is made up of mostly dwarves and gnomes, though wandering travellers from all races can often be found here.

Despite the harsh snows that slam into Citadel during the winter months the Dwarves work hard and keep the main road down into the hills of Boddendell clear and available for travel.

Due to its relative elevation Topholme can often be seen from miles away, its lights shining brightly against the dark of the towering mountain.

Inhabitants: Dwarf
Topholme is located in Citadel

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen