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A New Adventure, A New Opportunity
New people New places to go
I met an interesting troupe today. Members of The Red Legion they tell me. I came across them while out hunting with Shadow. We headed towards the sound of fighting Wolves only to find a pack of Dire Wolves attacking this strange grouping. An Orc, A Young Girl, A Monk, A strange clerical? looking woman, and a soldier. We ran to help though they had it handled. After the fight I led them back to the Deeproot Druidic Grove and introduced them to Fothfer. As they slept I discussed what I had learned with my mentor who told me to do as I felt best, he thought it time for me to venture beyond our wood, to see what ills I might heal out in the wide world. I decided to go with the strangers at least to see what their legion was all about. I feel they are a part of keeping the balance, and wonder what great things we may see as we travel. Though I am worried about fitting into a legion or a city I believe I am up to the challenge.

Associated Regions: Deeproot Druidic Grove
From the journal of Calvin Tower

Contributor: Joey Zilka