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The Red Legion
Well Trained Army of Freemen
In 3025 AA a man by the name of Victor Elbricht rose to fame in the Selladorian Free Nations as a military leader and brilliant tactician. He soon gathered a following that grew in numbers until almost 3,500 men had placed themselves under his command.

The Red Legion takes it's name from the color they stain their armor, to make it easier for their enemies to see them coming. They are fearless, well trained, and fiercely loyal to their commander. They work to defend the Free Nations from any outside force that would seek to stake a claim in their home, and to defend against any incursions monsters. Recently they have also began a campaign to convince the people of the Free Nations that they would do well as an organized body, and have been sending out specialized units to deal with incidents that don't rate a whole army.

The Red Legion made it's permanent encampment on the shores of Crystal Lake, and called the city that sprang up around them Kiergard.

Today the numbers of the Red Legion have swelled with members from all the new nations of the surrounding lands, beyond the dreams of its founder.

Overall Alignment: CG
The The Red Legion operate in Kiergard, Selladorian Free Nations
Members of the The Red Legion have included Bezalel The Animator, Conrad, James Edmund Fitch, Karl Bissel, Niall, Rothgar, Terrance, Victor Elbricht, Vincent Dhark

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald