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Calvin Tower
A quiet Man with an affinity for all animals.
The Green Forest, The Flowing River, Singing Birds, Chirping Squirrels, Deep Growls, The Smell of the Hunt. These are the things I love. Nature is a balanced thing, a beautiful thing. Nowhere else can you see perfection so clearly, only in the deepest wood, the tallest mountain. Seemingly everywhere us humans go we disturb that balance, but in the end a certain kind of balance is restored, and kept. There are however many things that pervert the balancing forces of nature. Races whose sole purpose seems to be to corrupt, and destroy. These things are not natural. They should be hunted, and destroyed. This is my oath to the world. That I shall hunt, and eradicate those things which disturb natures precious balance no matter what the cost to me.

Alignment: NG
Race: Human
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Contributor: Joey Zilka