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Underdark city of the Myconid

Flshygarr (pronounced Fulsh-E-Gar) is one of the great, albeit few, cities of the Myconid, a race of peaceful and reclusive fungal humanoids who dwell in the middle Underdark.

The sovereign leader of Flshygarr is Fthagn, a kind and wise being who personifies the peaceful nature of his people.

The denizens of Flshygarr revere Ia, the strange entity who dwells within, and in fact is one with, the many caves of Ia-Dur which border upon and intermingle with Flshygarr itself.

Although the people of this remote city have little contact with the outside world, they are known to trade with the dream dwarves of the Deepsong Enclave. The various wines of Flshygarr, brewed from emotion enducing fungal spores, are highly prized and have been known to fetch astounding prices in the open trade markets of Citadel.

Inhabitants: Myconid
Associated regions include Ia-Dur
Flshygarr is located in Underdark

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen