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Remote commune of dreamers
The Deepsong Enclave is a village in the near Underdark, below and outside of the protective Undergates of Citadel, wherin dwell dwarves who have turned their backs on the normally mercantile ways of their people. They live communally, sharing everything for the greater good of the village.

It is here, unfettered from the concerns of the modern world, that the dream dwarves seek to hear the song of the deep earth, to understand the primal elemental forces that shape their world.

Despite their communal nature, the people of Deepsong still occasionally trade with the outside world, often for necessary goods they cannot make themselves, and also to foster good relations with their neighbors. One such example of this is in the fungal wines of Flshygarr which can induce strong emotional states in the imbibers. The Deepsong dwarves use these wines, and mind-altering substances, in their quest to discover the truth within the voice of the deep earth.

Inhabitants: Dream Dwarves
Associated regions include Undergates
Deepsong is located in Underdark

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen