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Khoal Ironforge
A Paladin of Evendour
Khoal is a dwarf of many hats. He started out helping his father and brother make weapons in the forges of the Citadel, he had a lot of talent, claiming he felt the presence of Evendour while he swung his hammer, shaping steel into the images in his mind. He idolized his brother Maddac, he was a fine warrior and an excellent smith, someone Khoal should be more like his father always said. Nothing Khoal did was ever as good as Maddac in their fathers eyes, and when Maddac was lost to them his father continually blamed Khoal for the loss and even once told him that it should have been him, not his brother that was lost. Khoal entered into the church to escape his father's disapointment, but after a decade he felt that he was not in the right place so after many days of prayer he left his home and followed the winds eventually finding Allstone. He soon found work at a blacksmith's shop and was recruited to work for Lancaster Imports. After many missions and the loss of a member of his company Khoal felt that he needed to be more than he was and after weeks of prayer he dedicated himself as a Paladin in Evendour's service.

Alignment: LG
Race: Dwarf
Place of Origin: Allstone, Citadel
Khoal Ironforge is a member of the The Explorers Of The Laughing Mermaid, The Company Of The Phoenix
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Contributor: Rob Smith