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The Book Of Twilight - The Six
The Bleak Ones, shadow demons who devour the life of the world

The profane names of the six, the Bleak Ones, who devour the life of the world. Their names are written in orc blood in the Book Of Twilight.

The six are hunted by the adventuring party known as the Brotherhood Of Misfits in a desperate attempt to save the world from a dimensional collapse.

He Who Binds and Tears
Defeated in the Grove Below at The Deeproot Grove

The Sire of Nightmares
Defeated in the flooded grotto beneath Caer Aisling

The Maiden of Anguish in Iron
Defeated in the sacred cave of Cogwheel's Hollow

The Possessor of Flesh
Defeated in the throne room at Charrock Keep, Valkith

The Many Mouths Which Hunger
Defeated at Millhaven near Three Peaks

The Darkness Below
Unknown Location

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen