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Minazugi's Adventures In Seaharrow
A Goblin Goes Shopping
Facing the difficult task of blending in at a fancy party, Minazugi decided it was time to spend a few coins and improve his appearance.

There are certain combinations of words that are never collected together into a phrase. It is understood in the universe that these thoughts just done have a place to exist. One such phrase, this one being particularly relevant to Minaguzi at this time, is "A handsome goblin". A difficult task indeed.

With some assistance from Nibar's command of the arcane, Minazugi disguised himself as an average resident of Seaharrow and set out for a day of shopping. He had a good reserve of coin as the slender man who killed his family left all their belongings behind.

The first item that was desired was a new cloak. Not just any cloak. This one would have to be custom made. Finding a skilled tailor was a simple matter given this town's love of new styles. The fabric chosen was woven in a way that gave it a delicate appearance that hid it's durable nature. Only the darkest black would do, with streaks resembling purple lightning spreading over the surface. On the inside the tailor was instructed to add many pockets of varying size along with reinforcing the stitching to support the weight of whatever might be placed inside. Normally something of this quality would take several weeks to produce. It's amazing how easily localize time disturbances can be created with nothing more than a few gold coins. By agreeing to pay double the normal cost, the cloak was ready that very same day. The tailor never even questioned that the requested size was that of a small child.

Not far from the tailor, a magic item shoppe was another popular stop among the locals. Only a few small items were acquired here; their price in great disproportion to their size. The first such item to catch Minazugi's eye was a Ring of Sustenance. This small trinket aiding in both form and function as it's intricate filigree looked quite the part for the upcoming party. The next item he found was a nicely polished Immovable Rod. This would look great attached to his belt, and might come in handy someday as well.

A local clothier was happy to sell Minaguzi a nice new Explorer's Outfit that looked a little too perfect to ever be used for actual exploration.

The last item desired was a Darkwood Quarterstaff of Masterwork quality. This item was a bit more difficult to find. Seems most of the weapons sold in this town are meant to look much nicer than they kill. Minazugi spent nearly a whole day seeking out all the arms merchants in town before finally finding one who had a shoppe near the water. Definitely not a place that the wealthy of Seaharrow would frequent. The craftsman at first denied making such fine weapons and insisted that Minazugi would surely be happier at one of the more popular shops up the hill. It was only after noticing that the craftsman was favoring one leg and Minazugi offering to heal it did he reveal his hidden storeroom. There Minazugi found the staff he desired.

Associated Regions: Seaharrow
From the journal of Minazugi

Contributor: Alec Beardsley