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Wealthy trade city on the coast of the Free Nations

On the northern coast of the Selladorian Free Nations in the nation of Massenmarch lies Seaharrow, a city on a vast and wide hill overlooking the Inner Sea. It is a city of constant fresh breezes dancing amongst the blue and white flags of Massenmarch, over cobblestone streets and tall townhouses all with a vast view of the water and docks below.

Seaharrow is a place of brisk trade, wealthy merchant families, and the children of the new rich playing the games of high society without the rules of monarchy or old lordly traditions to weigh them down.

When first founded the settlers called this place Hallow-On-The-Sea, a farming and fishing community in relatively safe lands away from the politics and wars of Sellador and Gideon.

Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Caer Aisling
Seaharrow is located in Massenmarch

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen